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We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, grassroots, volunteer organization founded in 2007 in Norcross, Georgia. Our vision of establishing a museum to serve the greater Norcross area in southern Gwinnett County is gaining widespread recognition and community support.

Our Vision: Create a living, interactive museum in the City of Norcross to serve as a repository of oral histories, photos, documents, letters, artifacts, and memorabilia that make the history of Norcross accessible; and to host and coordinate related events associated with developmental history of Norcross and surrounding southern Gwinnett area.

Coming Soon!

The Norcross History Center is proud to present its Oral History Documentary DVD, NORCROSS: A LIVING HISTORY. Nearly three hours in length, the 2-disk set will be available for purchase later this year.

Norcross natives interviewed in this film have knowledge of the turning of two centuries. They speak of Norcross in the 1930s and 1960s as they knew it prior to, and during racial integration, and right up to the present. They tell of home life; the work ethic; ravages of war, struggle for education, origins of the Civil Rights Movement, racial, and gender equality; attending downtown events; Chautauqua Shows in Thrasher Park; baseball games; political life, and shine light on some skeletons in the family closet. The interviews reveal an enduring community spirit and hometown pride of Place.

The DVD features the late Colonel John Adams, the late Mr. Nathaniel Brown, Mr. Rufus Dunagan, Mrs. Hallie McClendon, and former Norcross Mayor Lillian Webb. The DVD final version contains much never-before heard historical content, gleaned from over six hours of professional videotaping.

Watch this site for information about the upcoming launch party and where to purchase the DVD! Also coming soon - YouTube clips from the DVD!

Our Mission

  • To collect, record, preserve and present the cultural heritage and natural history of Norcross, GA and surrounds.
  • To become a creditable museum with ever expanding and rotating exhibits.
  • To interpret the history through operation of the Museum and Archives, public lectures, demonstrations, programs, and Docent program.
  • To advance historical research and preservation.
  • To solicit funds from sponsors, patrons, Museum Gift Shop sales, endowment funds, and other income sources.
  • To involve seniors as contributors, volunteers, and docents.